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Timekeeper works with your Sage 100 ERP program to provide an easy method of entering employee time spent on specific projects. This data can be used by several other Sage 100 ERP modules, eliminating double entry of time data.

The most impressive feature about Timekeeper is the choice of hardware - employees can enter time/expense data into Sage 100 ERP using the standard Timekeeper module, on a laptop with the Timekeeper Entry application, or by logging into an Internet site using .timekeeper. The choice is yours!

New Features:

Project Management: Detailed Activity and Budget tracking

.timekeeper is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Flexible and Easy-to-Use
  • Enter time & expenses in any and all of the following ways: the Timekeeper module built for your Sage 100 ERP system, the Java based Timekeeper Entry application, or via the internet with .timeeper - the choice is yours.
  • Bill time and products on the same invoice instead of billing customers separately.
  • Use Timekeeper Entry in standalone mode, enter time and expenses on your laptop, and then synchronize when you're back in the office.
  • Select which modules to post time/expense entry information - bill time and expenses directly on invoices in Accounts Receivable or Sales Order, through Job Cost, through Time and Billing, or through Time and Billing Professional, then send the same entries to Payroll. Eliminate double entry!
  • Synchronization process ensures all devices and the Sage 100 ERP system contain the same (and latest) time/expense entry data.
  • Data is fully secured - users are only allowed to enter or view their own time and expenses, unless they are designated as a manager.
  • View, modify, and override billing rates during time/expense entry. Apply billing rate multipliers for overtime and double time entries.
  • Set the option to have time and expenses approved before processing into other Sage 100 ERP software modules. You can even setup a secondary approval if desired.
  • Select reports included with the system or design your own with Crystal Reports¢ē or any ODBC-compliant application. Some examples of included reports are Work in Process Listing and Activity Summary Reports by Employee, Customer, Project, and Activity.
Timekeeper is perfect for any business that bills customers for time-based projects.

Select from the highlighted features below to learn more about Timekeeper:

Learn how Timekeeper and Sage 100 ERP work together to streamline your time tracking and billing process.
Bring Timekeeper with you!! So you can keep track of billable time anywhere your job takes you.
Traveling light? Timekeeper can also be accessed over the World Wide Web.
Track budgeted and un-budgeted activity.
Create the perfect time tracking solution for your business.
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